NSC17 - 17th Nordic Symposium on Catalysis - Lund, Sweden, June 14-16 2016

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17th Nordic Symposium on Catalysis 2016

Conference Program

Below, you find the conference program and the book of abstracts. In addition for the presentations, there will be a combined welcome reception and study visit to the MAX IV laboratory and a conference dinner at Grand Hotel.

Plenary speakers

  • Martin Skov-Skjöth Rasmussen Haldor Topsoe
  • Jesper Andersen MAX IV Laboratory
  • Jeroen van Bokhoven ETH Zürich
  • Karoliina Honkala Winner of the 2014 Berzelius Price, Jyväskulä University
  • Anders Riisager Winner of the 2016 Berzelius Price. Technical University of Denmark

Book of Abstracts
Download the book of abstracts here.

Instructions to speakers
The contributed oral presentations will be 15 minutes long, plus 5 minutes for discussion and changing speakers. The invited presentaitons should be 45 minutes leaving 15 minutes for discussion and changing rooms (when needed).

We will have a presentation pc available in each lecture hall, to which you can copy your presentation. It will be also be possible to use private computers. Staff will be available in the lecture hall 15 minutes before each session starts in order to transfer and test presentations. Please make sure you are there in time.

Poster instructions
The poster boards are 190 cm high and 90 cm wide and will fit a poster of format A0 (84.1 x 118.9 cm). Please put up your poster as early as possible and bring it when you leave the poster session.

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The approximate subject of each session is

Session 1:1 Oxidation fundamental
Session 1:2 Surface science - modelling
Session 1:3 Reactions and reactivity

Session 2:1 Oxidation for emission control
Session 2:2 Structured materials & reactions
Session 2:3 Syngas and Synfuels

Session 3:1 Selective oxidation
Session 3:2 Alternatve feedstocks
Session 3:3 Wastewater treatment

Session 4:1 Homogenous catalysis
Session 4:2 Surface science - analysis
Session 4:3 Selective catalytic reduction of NOx

Session 5:1 Reactor modelling and testing
Session 5:2 Surface Science - Syngas and synfuels
Session 5:3 Structured materials

Contact for conference questions: Christian Hulteberg
Webmaster: Johan Gustafson